Cover art of Blanche single 'Empire'

New single!


Feb 13th 2020

The title track from her upcoming debut, Empire is a melancholic Pop song, where the voice of Ellie Delvaux blends with traditional instruments and modern electro. "Empire evokes the construction of a self-empire. A cold empire of certainties, flawless and where emotions are absent. Love is a fever that you have to escape from," says its author. "There is also talk of opening treason and abandonment.”

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Cover art of  single 'Moment (Piano Version)'

Moment (Piano Version)

Dec 14th 2018

A gorgeous stripped-back version ‘Moment’, taking on a new power as Blanche’s evocative delivery and emotive songwriting is laid bare.

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Cover art of  single 'Moment'


Nov 16th 2018

‘Moment’ is about the struggle of, “living in the present, trying to forget about any doubts and fears you have…”

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Cover art of  single 'Soon'


Jul 20th 2018

The dreamy timbre of Ellie's voice is central and is amplified by a melancholic melody. "Soon" has depth and sounds different.

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Cover art of  single 'Wrong Turn'

Wrong Turn

May 25th 2018

“Wrong turn is about daring to go the way nobody expects you to, but still not knowing if it is the right way.”

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Cover art of  single 'City Lights (Acoustic)'

City Lights (Acoustic)

Jul 14th 2017

After the Eurovision adventure and the success of City Lights, we wanted to turn the page with a simple and pure version of the song.

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Cover art of  single 'City Lights'

City Lights

Mar 8th 2017

“It’s a love song. It talks about the period when you don’t really know what’s going on with the guy.”

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